Activating Sustainable Economies Worldwide

ETG works with governments, organizations, and communities around the world mobilizing local leadership to facilitate breakthroughs and transformations towards sustainable economies. In addition to traditional economic development services such as economic analysis and benchmarking, ETG excels in bringing stakeholders together in creative and constructive ways to turn the momentum of ideas into focused action. We organize, design, and implement long term economic development projects, regional and national cluster programs, incubator projects and technology parks, value chain analysis, capacity building programs, and events such as workshops, summits, and conferences..

Regional Economic Development and Cluster Competitiveness

ETG has been a pioneer in clustering and regional competitiveness for over 30 years. We help clients understand major trends affecting their economies-markets-environment, design a collaborative strategy approach to achieve traction, and engage with stakeholders in action and implementation to create a true regional transformation.

Sustainable Cities Strategy & Implementation

In the context of a fast growing world population, estimated to surpass 9 billion people by 2040 (UN), ETG supports cities and city regions to understand, plan for, and develop the public-private-community partnerships needed to create a viable response to this challenge.

Agribusiness & Rural Development

ETG is actively engaged in supporting women in entrepreneurship as a breakthough approach to the challenge of rural development.

Training & Capacity Building

ETG conducts leading edge trainer training workshops designed to evoke the maximum intelligence of the participants.

Our Approach

In all of our projects ETG focuses on listening, engaging, and empowering. We believe that if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got. Using cutting edge, proven human process technology, we set ourselves apart and achieve lasting changes in mindset and attitudes towards economic development and transformation.

Making room at the table

We make space at the table for emerging leaders from all levels in the economy, engaging them to be active participants in their own economic development.

Integrating integrity

ETG creates the conditions where people feel comfortable integrating their true values and long term thinking in their business decision-making.

Whole systems

IF YOU DO WHAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS DONE, YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS GOTTEN. We design whole systems processes that change what people do as individuals and collaborators – thus enhancing the probability that new levels of achievement can be reached by our clients.

Reframing old stories

We are masters of reframing and enable people to see the assets hidden in what they see as disadvantages and problems.